We’ve got the king of modern stoner riffage in our latest ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ episode. Matt Pike of Sleep and High on Fire sat down with us to prove and disprove what’s written about him on Wikipedia.

If you’re an avid ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ viewer, you know we love when the encyclopedic website gets the basics dead wrong. In this case, Matt Pike got to correct Wikipedia on our very first inquiry — the riff lord’s birthplace. They got it all wrong! So watch Pike set the record straight here.

One piece of truth came from former Sleep guitarist Justin Marler leaving the band to become an Orthodox monk. Turns out Marler took it a step further by heading all the way to Kodiac Island, Alaska, to live amongst fellow monks and the region’s bear population. Pike actually still keeps in touch with Justin and the former guitarist isn’t too isolated to attend a Sleep show now and then.

Sleep had a falling out in 1998 following an ugly dispute between the band and London Records. The label wasn’t interested in releasing Sleep’s landmark Jerusalem / Dopesmoker album and Pike even confirmed three different versions of the record exist. Matt also described the depression he went through following the breakup of Sleep and how his need to play guitar again led to the formation of High on Fire.

Check out the Matt Pike edition of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ above and look out for new music from both Sleep and High on Fire coming out as early as 2017.

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