Salivating maggots were finally satiated last year on Halloween when Slipknot surprised the world with the anthemic, one-off single "All Out Life." The song has been left off of the forthcoming album, which Corey Taylor admits will feature tracks that are much darker and heavier. It did, however, flip a switch in the frontman's head, as the new album has been named after the chant that's repeated several times in the middle of the bridge - "We are not your kind."

Why did the band choose to title their highly anticipated sixth record after lyrics featured in a song that's not even included in the track list? "I didn't think it would be anything more than a great chant at a concert," Taylor confesses in a recent interview with Kerrang!. "It wasn't so much that I thought it was benign or anything - it was definitely something that I thought, 'This could be something really cool' - but it took on a life of its own, and that's when I really started thinking about the phrase; about how it could be perceived."

"This album is: four years, no mistakes...This will be some of the finest pieces of art we ever make in our entire career. It is unbelievable," states Shawn 'Clown' Crahan. The first single from the album "Unsainted" has received a lot of praise, so we'll see for ourselves when We Are Not Your Kind is released on Aug. 9.

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