When non-metalhead viewers tuned in to watch the popular quiz show Jeopardy, they probably proposed a question in the show's answer format, "Who is Corey Taylor?" The Slipknot frontman was part of the clue helping to guide contestants to the answer.

The Jeopardy question, seen below, is aimed at the sensational science fiction program Doctor Who, reading, "Corey Taylor of metal band Slipknot provided the road of an alien warlord in this Peter Capaldi show." Taylor, an avid fan of the program, was featured in a voiceover, providing the guttural screams of the character Fisher King. Reportedly, “Production got in touch with Slipknot because they heard Corey and the band love the show. They gave them a VIP tour and asked if Corey wanted to record his famous scream. He agreed instantly and was made up about it.”

The Slipknot singer was no stranger to British television prior to Doctor Who, having grown up watching The Young Ones. Guesting on SiriusXM channel Ozzy's Boneyard (transcription from Blabbermouth), Taylor said, "The first time I ever saw Motorhead was on The Young Ones, when they did 'Ace of Spades.' And that was, like, my favorite show at the time, and I lost my mind. 'Cause usually, it was kind of weird on there, but then here was this band. I was just, like, 'What in the hell is this?' And then I'd found out it was Motorhead, and I was instantly in."

Scores of tributes have rained down on the departed Lemmy Kilmister since his Dec. 28, 2015 passing, including Taylor's performance with all-star group Metal Allegiance. The singer joined the band onstage and tore through a blistering version of "Ace of Spades" which also featured former Slayer and current Dead Cross drummer Dave Lombardo making a guest appearance behind the kit.

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