Slipknot / Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has lent his screams to the character of Fisher King on Doctor Who. A longtime fan of the TV series, Taylor jumped at the chance when asked to record some "deep and terrifying" roars for the giant warlord.

The iconic British sci-fi series has been around since 1963, producing a total of 26 seasons (with the current incarnation in its 9th season). The Mirror reports, “Production got in touch with Slipknot because they heard Corey and the band love the show. They gave them a VIP tour and asked if Corey wanted to record his famous scream. He agreed instantly and was made up about it.”

The character of Fisher King is played by 7 foot, 7 inch actor Neil Fingleton, while his speaking voice is provided by Peter Serafinowicz (Shaun of the Dead), but it will be Corey Taylor's roars you hear coming out of the giant warlord.

Corey shared his excitement for the Doctor Who cameo through Twitter:

Corey Taylor has taken a few acting roles in the past, playing Bauer in 2014's Fear Clinic and a musician on Mad Genius in 2010. The whole of Slipknot also appeared in the remake of Rollerball in 2002. Tune in to a new episode of Doctor Who on Oct. 3 to hear Corey for yourself! The show airs on BBC America.

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