Slipknot's laundry sounds like something few people have the courage to touch. It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it as they say and that man is Hans-Jürgen Topf, who filled the void for the laundry services needed by big touring productions with his company Rock 'n' Roll Laundry, which humbly began back in 1982.

Since his start by simply offering to clean the clothes of the Ted Nugent's band after assisting their driver with directions (for which he was rewarded with free tickets), Topf was encouraged to continue his endeavor. He's since worked with renowned artists like Madonna, Janet Jackson, Elton John, Blue Oyster Cult and, yes, Slipknot, among countless others and he discussed his laundry career with the New York Times.

So, who had the filthiest laundry of them all? The award goes to the masked troupe, Slipknot. Topf said their outfits were sprayed with beer, cream and fake blood and were left in garbage bags for three days. That's on top of all the sweat absorbed by the materials following the band's frenetic live shows under bright and hot stage lights.

We're going to assume Topf had never done business with the Scumdogs in GWAR. We also doubt the concept of hygiene is even present in their world.

The Times reported that Topf spends upward of 20 hours a day doing laundry, which includes the road crew's garments, not just the band's. It even takes three hours just to do all the ironing.

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