Black Sabbath's place in the history of metal is unquestioned. The veteran rockers have influenced so many acts over the years and really launched the music genre to places it had never been before. Now, one of the rockers who grew up on the band is sharing the impact they had on him.

Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison tells Metal Hammer in their magazine's special Black Sabbath tribute issue, "Without Black Sabbath, it's simple. There'd be no metal." Jordison says there have been other bands that were important in the history of the genre, but Black Sabbath were the "original pioneers of doom and heavy music."

"Listen to 'Into the Void,' 'Lord of This World,' and 'Sweet Leaf,'" exclaims Jordison. "'Master of Reality' is my favorite album and I'd have to say the song 'Black Sabbath' is my favorite track. It's still got that chill today. I don't care how old I get … I could be 70 and that song will still terrify me!"

Jordison recalls his parents playing that record when he was young and how scary he thought it was. He laughs, "I wondered what the f--- my parents were doing down there. Ha ha. It's the only record that has frightened me on that level. That song alone blows everything out of the water."

Black Sabbath, minus original drummer Bill Ward, are back together and playing the Download and Lollapalooza festivals this summer. Slipknot are set to headline the Mayhem Festival tour.

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