Slipknot's latest album '.5: The Gray Chapter' came after a lot of turmoil, and was released six years after their previous album 'All Hope Is Gone.' In a new interview, guitarist Mick Thomson says they hope the time between this album and the next one will be shorter.

Thomson and fellow guitarist Jim Root talked with Music Radar about the songwriting process for '.5: The Gray Chapter.' Root wrote much of the album along with Corey Taylor, and says that previously, there were too many cooks in the kitchen and he never had much opportunity to put his stuff forward.

"When you had [the late] Paul [Gray] and Joey [Jordison] writing, you had to find your place," Root says. "They didn’t write a lot of material for 'All Hope Is Gone,' so more of my songwriting came out. With '.5,' it seems like I basically did the whole record. That’s why last November [2013], I really put my nose to the grindstone and put together enough arrangements so that we could finally get going.”

Thomson says, “This record had a weird songwriting process. We ended up in the studio sooner than we had intended. Jim and Corey had a bunch of stuff demo’d, and other stuff came together in the studio. But we didn’t have an ‘all-in-the-same-room’ jamming thing that we hoped for. But we didn’t need it. The first two records, we wrote shit together in a basement. Now everyone has identical Pro Tools setups on their laptops, so we can work on stuff while we’re touring."

Thomson continues, "It enables us to have songs in the can already before we go in a studio to work on a new album. We hope to do our next record sooner after touring '.5.' We don’t want to spend the same amount of time between albums as we’ve done with the last two.”

Slipknot resume their touring in support of '.5: The Gray Chapter' on Jan. 14 in Dublin, Ireland. For all their tour dates, go here.

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