Two and a half weeks before the release of We Are Not Your Kind, and Slipknot were too excited to make us keep waiting. Today, they've released the new song "Solway Firth." Listen below.

It's been a long and winding road leading up to the forthcoming new album. The Nine dropped "All Out Life" as a surprise this past Halloween. In the months following, there were mask teasers, talk of how dark and heavy the new album would be and some drama with now former member Chris Fehn.

In May, the new masks were revealed when the Knot released their first single "Unsainted," paired with a creepy video. They gave us the album's artwork and track listing, which proved "All Out Life" would not be featured on We Are Not Your Kind, although those exact words were chanted several times throughout the song.

"Solway Firth" is a heavier track than "Unsainted," with Corey Taylor's vocals shining through with brutal intensity. The singer even utilizes some experimental styles during the track's intro. Jay Weinberg's drumming also stands out as a high point, crushing extended double kick patterns throughout the cut.

We know there's a ninth member, but we have no clue who he is yet, and the members of Slipknot seem to be having a blast trolling fans about the mystery. All in due time, maggots. We only have a little bit longer to go before the album is out.

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