Corey Taylor was on the Oct. 31 edition of the Nerdist Podcast. The Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman took a shot at the Grammy Awards, stating of the accolade, “It doesn’t mean anything” and adding that “old people vote” on the annual award show.

Taylor, who always speaks his mind, opened up on the podcast, sharing his feelings about the voting process at the Grammy Awards saying, “Now the Best Metal Performance looks like they threw f---ing darts, ‘Cause I’m looking at it, going, ‘Really?’"

The vocalist added, “I’m convinced that’s the reason we won is because an old person went, ‘Slipknot! I read a magazine article about them. They’ve been around. Here you go. Take it. The kids are gonna be real happy.’”

Taylor did give some credit to the organization saying that he is happy that Halestorm won in 2012 for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance for 'Love Bites (So Do I),' but he was also quick to point out the fact that Judas Priest won for Best Metal Performance in 2009 for 'Dissident Aggressor,' which was originally released back in 1977.

“Judas Priest won one for a live version of a song they released 40 years ago, and the live version was released 20 years before that,” Taylor said. “And they only re-released it because of a box set. And they gave it to them? I'm, like, 'F--ing what?'"

The vocalist concluded, "It doesn't mean anything. I mean, that's like trying to hit a f--ing needle with another needle. You have one metal category, you have one basic rock category, and you've got bands like Fun. winning it. And I'm, like, 'Really? Show me on the doll where Fun. is a rock band.'"

During the podcast, Taylor also discussed spending a lot of time in Las Vegas, Slipknot's humble beginnings, his favorite cities and a lot more. You can listen to the entire Nerdist Podcast here.

Slipknot have been nominated for seven Grammy Awards, winning one 2005 for Best Metal Performance for 'Before I Forget.' Meanwhile, Stone Sour have been nominated three times but have yet to win.

Corey Taylor recently announced plans for his third book ‘You’re Making Me Hate You.’ The page-turner will be released on June 30, 2015.

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