Slipknot have finally posted their documentary Welcome to Our Neighborhood in its entirety on their YouTube channel.

The video was originally released in 1999 on Roadrunner Records and later re-released as a DVD in 2003. It's a compilation video of live footage, interviews and a music video for "Spit it Out." Previously only found on the Internet in separate bootleg versions, the full 28-minute movie is now on the band's personal YouTube account. Watch the film below.

The seemingly-random upload of this movie does not directly imply any further news about the metal group's upcoming album, but it has been in the works for some time now. The single "All Out Life" was released this past October on Halloween, and the band members have been posting subtle updates on social media with pictures from inside the studio and the preparation of Corey Taylor's new mask.

Slipknot are also confirmed for several tour dates so far starting with Rockfest in Finland this June. However a U.S. tour has not yet been confirmed.

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