Slipknot percussionist M. Shawn Crahan (also known as Clown or #6) is gearing up to release an artistic photography book titled ‘The Apocalytic Nightmare Journey’ which is due out June 19 via MTV Books.

In a Q&A, Crahan states,“’The Apocalyptic Nightmare Journey’ is a reflection on all of my Polaroid work up until this moment. My next book will be of models of beautiful women and the stories that we have of collaborating with each other and creating art.”

He goes on to say, “Overall, it took me 8 years to make this book. I’ve got over 5,000 Polaroids, I could have done all of them, but I held back and pulled the best of the best, which added up to 175, 200 photos in this first book.”

Crahan continues, “My goal is to take you through my life, in little portions of it, there’s members of my band with masks, without masks, with other humans that are big stars, or not stars, there’s my family, there’s segments of different areas that I studied, including animals and the goat that’s on Slipknot’s second album cover, ‘Iowa.’ I held a lot back, but I’d rather give out a few select, profound images, that I love to introduce the world to my work.”

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich wrote the foreword for ‘The Apocalyptic Nightmare Journey.’ To read an excerpt, go here. ‘The Apocalytic Nightmare Journey’ is being unveiled at this year's South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas.

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