Season 5 of 'The Walking Dead' is under way, and this time around, Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin has signed on to offer up a weekly recap of each episode exclusively on Loudwire. Check out his look at Episode 3 ('Four Walls and a Roof') below:

The sickness starts. I love Bob! Ha! I love the laugh. I think perhaps I’d rather laugh than cry, but who knows until one is put in the actual circumstance. I’d like to hope.

So, Bob tells the cannibals he’s been bitten, tainted meat. Hilarious! What a start!

Back at the church, Father Gabriel is confronted, and admits he locked folks out. I say, big deal. Think about it, so many people would do the same. And he's a priest. Priests will never make it in the Apocalypse unless they’re like Harvey Keitel in ‘From Dusk Till Dawn' -- then they have a chance.

Anyway, walkers show up and we go outside to kill, and we find Bob! I was sure he was history. He tells everyone the deal, shows em his bite, and he is…history. Onward…

Abraham tells us it’s time to split, to get Eugene to D.C. Argument ensues. It’s an odd dilemma. I want to back Rick, but agree with Abraham that the most important thing should be to get the cure…

So the deal is made, Abe will give it half a day, and if he helps, Maggie and Glenn will go with him to get Eugene to D.C. Deal…

I love this. We are going to go after the Termite Cannibals and kill them. That’s logical. Arguments ensue over who goes, and we know the outcome… the women always win all arguments, right? Sasha is kick ass. No forgiveness, no choice. It’s on…

Gnarley night atmosphere, dark and creepy, as Rick and crew head out on the hunt. Tension is high as we ready for the showdown that is inevitable. But they are being watched as they leave…

The Termites wait til the coast is clear and enter the church, heavily armed, and having watched Rick and the others leave, assume they can come in and take the remaining members of our group easily. Ha! Nope! Rick and crew have circled back, and we get sweet revenge. Even with the groveling and begging of the Terminus cannibal leader, it’s still awesome to see the red handled machete wielded by Rick and the brutality dished out by our crew. Moral dilemmas aside – I feel this is a righteous scene. Even if Tyreese is trippin’. There can be no weakness for survival in the apocalypse, so deal with it.

After the carnage, Father Gabriel says it’s the Lord’s house, after which Maggie replies, “it’s just four walls and a roof.” Brilliant.

If I seem agnostic by agreeing, let’s not get too deep.

Just like previous comments about the priest, it has nothing to do with religion or beliefs. It’s simply survival and doing the right thing. Nothing is perfect, and usually, nothing comes easy (especially in an apocalypse).

So now we are all around Bob. It’s the end of the road for him, and it’s a touching scene. They should have titled this episode 'A Dead Man’s Opinion.' In fact, I’m gonna write a song called that. (Don’t steal that idea ... er…carry on…)

So… Sasha is left with Bob to take care of (put a knife though his brain when he dies) and it’s sad. Her brother Tyreese comes in to offer his help. A touching scene, but all I could think was Bob is gonna spring up and take a chunk outta one of em while they’re deciding who will stab him in the head. Tragic.

Well, fortunately (I guess that’s perspective), we don’t see reanimated Bob, and Tyreese gives him the true death.

Our group splits up, with some going with Abraham and Eugene, and some staying behind to wait for Daryl and Carol, with a map to DC and a promise of meeting up there.

Daryl arrives, and …where is Carol? Is she a zombie pet? Daryl looked a bit weird. I hope he’s not tripped out or something. I mean c’mon… we all root for Daryl, right? Well I do, anyway. So it cuts to black…

Not much walkers, blood and guts, or usual WD violence, but a great episode for the build up for what the season is headed towards. It’s an epic journey! Rick is Frodo! Ha! But fer realz… great episode, great writing, and the acting was super big top. All perfect, innit?

Looking forward to next week as usual. Got season 4 box set, pretty rad (still, season 2 with screwdriver, and season 3 with Guv’s formaldehyde heads are better), but detail on moldy zombie coming out of ground is t-ts.

Talk next week. Until then, Apocalypse!

Our thanks to Shannon Larkin for his recap of Episode 3 of 'The Walking Dead' Season 5. Godsmack recently released their latest album, '1000hp,' which is available at iTunes and Amazon.

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