While the lineups have changed over time, Billy Corgan has remained the constant who has guided the Smashing Pumpkins creatively over time. During the '90s, Smashing Pumpkins thrived by continually raising the bar, but the attempts to evolve over time also led to some backlash in the latter portion of their first era.

After their split, Corgan tried out different projects before reclaiming the Smashing Pumpkins name and the latter portion of the band's career found the singer and his new cohorts attempting to create vital music and re-establish themselves beyond the shadow of the first-era lineup.

But the question remains, with a continually evolving and challenging catalog, what albums stand out as their strongest works and which Smashing Pumpkins discs struggled to connect. Scroll through the gallery below as we rank Smashing Pumpkins' studio albums from weakest to strongest.

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