Any Smashing Pumpkins fan worth their salt knows that there is a wealth of unreleased material in frontman Billy Corgan's vault. As part of their ongoing reissue campaign, the band will re-release their celebrated double disc, 'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness,' with up to 75 previously unheard tracks.

Billy Corgan has a lot of projects in the works currently -- there's his new pro wrestling company, which may also become a reality TV program, and the continuing 44-song project 'Teargarden by Kaleidyscope', of which 'Oceania,' their new 13-track album, is a part of. Despite all those forward leaning projects, Corgan is also cultivating his band's history by reissuing their previous albums with bonus material.

The next classic SP album to get a makeover is perhaps their most beloved by fans -- 'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.' The original double album showcased the versatility of the Pumpkins, going from hard-edged rocker hits like 'Zero' and 'Bullet with Butterfly Wings' to the anthemic, yet delicate balladry of '1979' and 'Tonight, Tonight.' Now Corgan, the last man standing from the 'Mellon Collie'-era, has revealed that there may be a wealth of bonus tracks added to the album's 28 initial songs as part of the forthcoming reissue.

Corgan recently informed Crestfallen via email that the MCIS reissue will feature up to 75 unreleased tracks/ alternate mixes, which will come in the form of three extra CDs and may also be packaged with a concert DVD. So for those of you keeping score at home -- that's a six-disc package. In other Pumpkins back-catalog news, there is also an expanded 'Aeroplane Flies High' reissue in the works and live releases planned for the Smashing Pumpkins Record Club (SPRC).

Meanwhile, Smashing Pumpkins new album, 'Oceania,' is set for release on June 19 and has been compared to 'Mellon Collie' by some who've been lucky enough to have heard it, making this the perfect time to serve everyone a shot of nostalgia.