Germany’s Sodom are one of thrash’s most consistent bands since they stormed the early scene with the In the Sign of Evil EP in 1984. They’re back with their 15th record, Decision Day, and have offered the first taste of what’s to come with a lyric video for “Caligula.”

The track opens up with a spotlight bass lick before a pick scrape and drum fill commences the full band onslaught. Tearing into a Motorhead-inflected riff, a brief pause catches the ear before the verse begins. One aspect that’s immediately noticeable that separates this song from the power trio’s recent string of records is bassist / vocalist Tom Angelripper’s return to the more blackened, raspy vocal style, bringing to mind some of their best efforts like Persecution Mania and Tapping the Vein.

The chorus is one of the catchiest in Sodom’s storied history, employing a swinging drum beat and low sung, slightly clean vocals, bellowing “Ca-li-gu-la!” Fractured into two halves, the second part of the chorus features a fist-swinging barrage of riffs and a rolling drum fill. The bridge deconstructs, allowing for a raspy chant, but the mood is quickly discarded for a quick yet effective guitar solo.

Commenting on the track, Angelripper said, “’Caligula’ is one of my favorite songs off Decision Day. It’s about the most notorious and relentless tyrant who ever ruled the imperium. One of his most famous quotes reads as follows: ‘Let them hate me, so long as they fear me.’”

Decision Day will be released on Aug. 26 through Steamhammer / SPV Fans can pre-order the album at Amazon and iTunes.

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