Skirting between the boundaries of occult rock and doom metal, Green Lung deliver Sabbathian instrumentals with wailing vocals that’ll make you want to run naked into the woods.

With their new album Black Harvest coming out Oct. 22, Loudwire asked the band to name their Top 10 songs about the devil, and Green Lung delivered with a stylish blend of old and new works of sorcery.

Green Lung have so far released music videos for the classic horror-invoking “Leaders of the Blind” and the existential “Graveyard Sun,” along with singles “Reaper’s Scythe” and “Upon the Altar.” “It’s not that weird a niche,” frontman Templar recently told The Guardian about the band’s rural occultist identity. “In any pub you’ll find a Green Man face and some weird folk shit – it’s quite an essential British thing. But the fact that we’ve spent a year and a half in lockdown means none of us have been able to get out in a field and get really fucked off our heads and dance around a stone.”

Check out Green Lung’s picks for the Top 10 Songs About the Devil in the gallery below and check out “Leaders of the Blind” below. Click here to grab a copy of Black Harvest.

Green Lung: Leaders Of The Blind (Official Music Video)

10 Greatest Songs About the Devil

Green Lung, who've written plenty of occult rock tracks about the Dark Lord, share their picks for the 10 Greatest Songs About the Devil.

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