Do you like the Melvins? How about Neurosis and anything Aaron Turner has been a part of? If so, then Sorxe, the sludge-enthused psychedelic post-rockers from Arizona, are for you. Their new album, Matter & Void, drops on Nov. 24 through Prosthetic Records and they've teamed up with Loudwire to debut the hypnotic new jam "Distraction Party."

Guitar feedback and tribal drumming open this one up as the lead volleys between psych-tinged single-notes and undulating drone with a bit of a Mike Patton flavor to the vocals. "Distraction Party" runs through a series of moods, picking up energy when a brighter guitar lick interrupts the trance-state and it all coalesces from there into swirls of dissonance and weighty riffs. Regardless of what sonic endeavors Sorxe pursue, the twin bass attack firmly holds down a bobbing groove that glues everything together.

Guitarist, vocalist and synth player Tanner Crace says, “‘Distraction Party’ is one of our favorite songs to play live as it's a little more up-tempo and different than our other songs. It was one of those songs that just came together so fast and everything kind of locked into place within a few hours! Lyrically it ties into some of the other themes on the album, about an internal struggle with oneself. The absurd struggle with getting older and still maintaining a 20-year-old’s party lifestyle verses challenging your energy towards more productive efforts. It’s a daily balancing act to stay sane in this world.”

Drummer and backing vocalist Shane Ocell adds, “In many ways as I feel like we stepped out of 'our norm' for a bit on this track, then it pummels and has feeling. The intro builds then twists and turns you along the way telling the story. The ending to me is like a heart beating towards the end of life (bass drum/feedback/bass) then it wakes up and gives you another chance.”

Pre-order your copy of Sorxe's Matter & Void now at this location and to stay up to date with everything the band is doing, follow them on Facebook.

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