Soulfly guitarist Marc Rizzo made a guest appearance on Dead By Wednesday's The Darkest of Angels, which was released earlier this year on David Ellefson's EMP Label Group. Now, the axeman has joined the Ct. group on a permanent basis.

“I am excited to announce that I will be joining one of my new favorite bands Dead by Wednesday!," exclaimed Rizzo. "When I have time off from Soulfly, I will be playing shows and recording a new record with DBW!!! DBW newest record is one of the best records of this year and I'm stoked to play live with these guys soon!!! LET'S shred!!”

Rizzo had guested on the song "The Surgeon," joining a star-studded list of guest contributors like Brian Fair (Shadows Fall), AK (Flotsam and Jetsam), John Arch (Fates Warning), Rob Dukes (Generation Kill, ex-Exodus), Carley Coma (Candiria), Waylon Reavis (ex-Mushroomhead), Sean Danielson (Smile Empty Soul), Paul Stoddard (Diecast), Kris Keyes (formerly Gargauntua Soul), Antony Linesmen (Armageddon) and Ceschi Ramos (Fake Four, Inc.).

At the time of Rizzo's guest contribution, Dead By Wednesday did not have a permanent vocalist and used a rotating cast with the above singers heading up different tracks. Rob Roy, who also performed on "The Surgeon" with Rizzo, has since been named the band's full time singer

Having got his start as one of Ill Niño's founding members, Rizzo moved on to join Soulfly which also led to him performing with Max and Igor Cavalera in Cavalera Conspiracy. In addition to his solo outfit, he guitarist was enlisted as a member of the Misfits in early 2015, prior to the reunion of Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only and Doyle this year.

Dead By Wednesday, "The Surgeon" Feat. Marc Rizzo

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