Since Soundgarden's 2010 reunion, their efforts have yielded just one album so far, King Animal, but that's set to change next year. With a new album on the horizon, the band has also spent the time meticulously combing through their legacy for an elaborate 25th anniversary edition of Badmotorfinger, which bassist John Shepherd unboxed as seen in the video at the bottom of the page.

“We’re shooting for late 2017. We’ve already done some writing," guitarist Kim Thayil told WRIF about their next studio album. "We have some more writing to do and then there’s the whole studio process. Some people whip out albums in a few weeks or a few months and Soundgarden, given our different schedules, takes a matter of months," he added.

Elaborating on this notion, Thayil continued, "We do something for a few weeks and then come back a few months later or a month later and revisit it. So, we’re fairly attentive of what we do, so we want to make sure it has the right amount… it has precision where it needs precision. It has chaos and looseness where you want the song to be wild."

The guitarist also mentioned the album "has color where you want it to really shine" and discussed how each member have "strong opinions" regarding the architecture of the music. This wasn't meant as a slight as Thayil also said, "It's definitely a fun and dynamic process."

Turning to Soundgarden's past, the 25th anniversary edition of Badmotorfinger will be released tomorrow (Nov. 18) and fans can get a sneak peak at the deluxe edition box set below with bassist Ben Shepherd. The musician slowly goes through each component of the set, first demonstrating the motorized spinning wheel as part of the album art on the box's cover. Also inside are a whopping seven CDs totaling 109 tracks as well as portraits of each member, patches and more.

Fans can also look forward to another album anniversary reissue early next year. Thayil told Full Metal Jackie, "There are definitely other catalog projects that I’ve been overseeing over the past year and one of them is the record I referred to, earlier from the SST label which is out of Long Beach. That record, Ultramega OK, we’ve remastered and [it’s being] remixed here in Seattle … and we’re hoping to put that out early next year."

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