Staind have unleashed the video for 'Not Again,' a heavy-as-hell song from their upcoming self-titled album, due Sept. 13. There's no plot footage spliced into this clip. Honestly, any extraneous narrative would prove unnecessary, since the visual of the band performing in a gray, post-apocalyptic, utterly decaying landscape more than suits the tone and mood of the crunchy, bottom-heavy, neck-snapping song.

Those Marshall stacks look even more imposing when placed in the context of what looks like the end of the world.

It's worth a mention that Staind nearly imploded while the band was creating 'Staind.' Things deteriorated to the point where singer Aaron Lewis and guitarist Mike Mushok were barely speaking to one another.

The song and the dark, dreary, almost hopeless terrain of the video reflect that vibe. But Staind got through it enough to continue doing what they do best and that's rock the f--- out, even while the world around them is ending.

Kudos to Staind for crafting a video that doesn't need excess window dressing or characters getting the way. We get the message that Staind's music is suited for those darkest of days when it's you against the world. That's why their music resonates with their fans.

The drabness and the overall creepiness of the setting is juxtaposed against the crispness of the lunging riffs and of Lewis' powerhouse voice. That's what makes the video for 'Not Again' so simple yet so statement-making at once.

Watch the Staind 'Not Again' Video