Starset have become masters of buying into a concept and seeing it through. The band recently announced their third studio album DIVISIONS and the roll out of music so far is tying in an overall visual storytelling component with a video for each song. The latest piece of the puzzle is for the song "DIVING BELL" off the upcoming release.

The moody Caleb Mallery-directed video sets the tone for the somber track off the forthcoming album, showcasing a man sitting still, seemingly governed by the technology that has been distilled within his person, but still feeling the sorrow and regret of a human connection seemingly lost, but might the elements of his life eventually free him from his solitude? Watch and see.

"DIVING BELL" follows on the heels of the more aggressive preview track "WHERE THE SKIES END" and the previously released single "MANIFEST," all which appear to play into the overall story of rebels attempting to break free and find connection in a dystopian technology ruled future. Watch the videos for "DIVING BELL" AND "WHERE THE SKIES END" below and catch "MANIFEST" here.

Starset's DIVISIONS album will arrive on Sept. 13. You can pre-order it here, and look for the band on tour at these stops.

Starset, ‘Diving Bell’

Starset, ‘Where the Skies End’

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