From the moment of their inception, Steel Panther reversed the 'Nirvana effect' and have once again secured heavy metal's place as the world's most important genre. When Steel Panther say, "Heavy metal's back!" or "Death to All But Metal," they aren't just spouting out catchphrases, they're redefining an entire genre of music in the single most impressive way, by keeping it exactly the same.

In one of Loudwire's most important moments to date, we were able to drag singer Michael Starr and drummer Stix Zadinia away from a drug-fueled hooker party for an in-depth interview. In our conversation with Starr and Zadinia, the Steel Panther members schooled us on how to pick up chicks at the supermarket a la '17 Girls in a Row,' the health benefits of cocaine and many other things too disgustingly offensive to mention in text.

Seriously though, this is probably the most vile, offensive and crude interviews ever conducted … ever. Ask an adult for permission, and proceed with caution before viewing Loudwire's exclusive backstage interview with Steel Panther.

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