We've got an encore appearance this week for Loudwire's Gear Factor! Since Steel Panther's Satchel has already shared his favorite riffs, we put him up to another guitar-related task.

“A lot of people are like me and stuck in a luxury apartment and it’s just really really difficult right now and you get bored of doing scales all day, so what you need is something else," says the guitarist. "The request I keep getting is animal sounds. Satchel, how can I make my guitar sound like an animal?”

The guitar is an amazing instrument when it comes to making sounds and Satchel puts his years of experimentation to use. First up, he guides you through what it takes to create a whale sound, then offers a few variations on the theme, even giving you a bit of a whale at a distance.

Did you know you can use a simple kitchen utensil to create the sound of little baby chickens on guitar? Satchel shows you how.

He also displays his dog bark, though that's more of a modification he had made to his guitar. "That’s just for my own pleasure because I love dogs. It’s worth the modification if you’ve got the money to do it and I do thanks to my mom," says the guitarist.

And finally, one of his more elaborate animal sounds is what he describes as rhinos trampling across the Serengeti chasing an intruder. You've gotta see it.

Steel Panther are finishing out their year with a pair of livestream events, playing "Gobblefest" on Dec. 5 and the "Almost Live - Formal as Fuck New Year's Eve Special" on Dec. 31. Get ticketing details for both shows and see specially created merch at this location.

"We can’t wait to see you and we can’t wait to make animal sounds backstage with some of you ladies," concludes Satchel. Watch his full Gear Factor animal sound demonstration below.

Steel Panther's Satchel: How to Make Animal Sounds With Your Guitar

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