Earlier this year, rising rockers Stone Broken released their Spinefarm debut, Ain't Always Easy, and they've teamed up with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive premiere for their new video, "Worth Fighting For."

"'Worth Fighting For' was written to inspire people to make a change, stand up for something they believe in or just simply to follow a dream," the band tells us. "That's exactly what we are doing right now, we are traveling the world playing rock shows, meeting new people and living every day as it comes. It can be scary and it can be tough at times, but for us, THIS is worth fighting for!”

As stated, "Worth Fighting For" can be found on the band's new album, Ain't Always Easy. It's currently available via the platform of your choosing here.

You can keep up with Stone Broken via the band's website, as well as their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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