Jim Root fans, we've got some bad news and some amazing news. Of course, we'll start with the bad news. Stone Sour have announced that Root will not be touring with the band on their upcoming winter tour. However, Root's absence is for good reason, as he's chosen to spend the time writing with Slipknot for the band's next album!

You read that correctly, Slipknot are working to create their fifth full-length album. Fans have been rabid for a new Slipknot album ever since 'All Hope Is Gone' was released all the way back in 2008. Although Jim Root will surely be missed as Stone Sour embark on their tour with Pop Evil and Stolen Babies, Root's talent will go straight into Slipknot with no distractions allowed.

Stone Sour revealed the news earlier today (Dec. 3) on their official Facebook page:

With an impending Slipknot album on the horizon, Jim will not be touring with Stone Sour this winter. Everyone involved is okay with the decision and our mutual friend Christian Martucci will be filling in on guitar. It was a difficult decision, but as the fans have wanted another Stone Sour tour and Jim had responsibilities to the writing process with Slipknot, we feel this is the best decision where everyone wins.

Stone Sour will hit the road sans Root beginning Jan. 14 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. And as always, stay tuned to Loudwire for all the updates on Slipknot's fifth album.

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