While the next album from Stone Temple Pilots may not arrive as soon as predicted, the band has announced plans to release their first ever live DVD, 'Alive in the Windy City,' this June.

STP guitarist Dean DeLeo recently hinted, "we have a lot of live stuff that we might compile," when asked about what the band had planned for the 20th anniversary of their debut album 'Core.' Presumably the guitarist was referring, at least in part, to their just-announced concert DVD, 'Alive in the Windy City.'

The footage is taken from their March 27, 2010, performance at Chicago's Riviera Theatre, some of which previously aired on VH1 and Palladia as 'Stone Temple Pilots Live.' The concert took place two months before the release of their self-titled 2010 comeback album and featured a setlist that boasted STP classics like 'Crackerman,' 'Plush' and 'Wicked Garden,' as well as a sneak peek at the bands new material.

'Alive in the Windy City,' which comes out June 5 on DVD and Blu-ray, may not be your only chance to see the band perform live this year -- DeLeo also confirmed that they are planning on touring in observance of their debut album's 20th birthday. "We’d really love to go out there and perform ['Core'] in its entirety," the guitarist said of a conversation he had with singer Scott Weiland recently. 'Core' was released on Sept. 29, 1992, likely placing the tour a few months out.

'Alive in the Windy City' Track Listing

01. 'Vasoline'
02. 'Crackerman'
03. 'Wicked Garden'
04. 'Hollywood Bitch'
05. 'Between The Lines'
06. 'Hickory Dichotomy'
07. 'Big Empty'
08. 'Sour Girl'
09. 'Creep'
10. 'Plush'
11. 'Interstate Love Song'
12. 'Bagman'
13. 'Huckleberry Crumble'
14. 'Sex Type Thing'
15. 'Dead And Bloated'
16. 'Lounge Fly'
17. 'Piece Of Pie'
18. 'Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart'

Watch STP perform 'Wicked Garden' from 'Alive in the Windy City'