Don't be THAT guy! Stone Temple Pilots rocked New York City's Irving Plaza Monday night (April 27), but the show did not go off without incident. During the performance, guitarist Dean DeLeo stopped the show to toss out an unruly fan.

The band was performing "Big Empty" when DeLeo taps Chester Bennington on the shoulder to stop the song and grab the mic. As can be seen, DeLeo orders the house lights to be turned on and then goes on a rant against the audience member.

"I want this motherf---er out of here," says DeLeo. "Get him the f--- out of here. Get out of my show you d---head. Get out of my f---ing show, you douchebag." As DeLeo goes on his rant, the crowd cheers him on and bassist Robert DeLeo adds, "Talk about blowing the f---ing vibe, man."

Eventually, Bennington adds a calming influence, stating with a smile, "Can't we all just get along?" and riffing a melodic expletive-filled tell off. After the disruption, the band then managed to slip back into performance mode with the bluesy "Big Empty." Watch fan-filmed footage of the concert ejection and eventual performance of "Big Empty" above.

Stone Temple Pilots are wrapping up a leg of dates, but will return in September for a handful of more shows. See all their dates here.

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