Stone Temple Pilots and their troubles with vocalist Scott Weiland came to a head when the band fired him earlier this year. Then, the band made one of the most interesting lineup changes in rock history by recruiting Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington as STP's full-time frontman. In a new interview, Banana 101.5 in Flint, Mich., spoke with Robert and Dean DeLeo about their singer situation, new music and more.

Of the split with Weiland, bassist Robert DeLeo says, "I think you get to a point in your life where your BS meter starts running down to a certain kind of tolerance. It wasn’t just a musical decision or a business decision it was a quality of life decision and that's really what it’s about. That’s where we wanted to be. Chester is a person that’s really surrounded by good fortune and that’s something you want to be around."

"It’s like what Robert said, man," adds Dean. "It’s more about quality of life. I’m gonna say something that’s not slighting Chester in any way, but I would’ve loved for [the Scott Weiland] lineup to have gone on forever [or] until we were taken out by our elbows and heels, but it just… we did not dictate where we’re at now. By any means."

As for Stone Temple Pilots' new music with Bennington, the band plans to release a new EP in the fall. "When we recorded [current single] ‘Out of Time,’ we were trying to finish up another song of Dean’s and we just need vocals on that one," reveals Robert. "So there’s two, kind of, 'in the can' as they say and we’ve got three more that we’re recording right now. So it will be a five song EP."

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