Stone Temple Pilots apparently fired frontman Scott Weiland earlier this year and now the band has filed a lawsuit against the singer, claiming that he plotted to sabotage their 20th anniversary tour, among other accusations. reports that the band stated that Weiland was chronically late for performances and missed promotional gigs, which led to the band missing out on the substantial amount that would have been generated by their 20th anniversary trek. The group claims in the suit that Weiland had planned to seize all the glory from the trek and had gotten to the point where he was no longer communicating with the other members, thus trying to "hijack" the tour. According to the Associated Press, the suit states, "The band endured much strife and lost significant opportunities because of Weiland."

Weiland has been touring as a solo act over the last few months, performing songs from Stone Temple Pilots two biggest records -- 'Core' and 'Purple,' and the band says that he's been inappropriately using the group's name to further his solo career.

The band also claims that after they fired Weiland in February, he attempted to interfere with their plans to replace him with Linkin Park's Chester Bennington and stop the release of the band's new single, 'Out of Time.' "Enough is enough," state the band members in their lawsuit. "Without relief from the court, Weiland will continue violating STP's rights, misappropriating STP assets and interfering with the band's livelihood."

The group just resurfaced last weekend at the KROQ Weenie Roast in Irvine, Calif., where they made a surprise appearance with Bennington and debuted the new song.

The band is seeking unspecified damages and asking for a court ruling stripping Weiland of the ability to use the band's name or songs for his own promotion.

Meanwhile, Weiland issued an open letter on Friday denouncing the current lineup of Stone Temple Pilots and stating that the band was wrong for representing themselves under the STP name. His statement can be read by clicking the button below.

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