10 Strange Instruments Used by Rock + Metal Bands

Guitar? Check. Second guitar? Check. Drums? Check. Bass? Check. Singer? Check. Bagpipes? ... Chainsaw? Check and check! Every now and then it comes time to get a bit crazy and experiment with the conventional band setup. No, we're not talking about the keytar! Incorporating outside instruments can be just a one-off moment where it adds just what a song needed or become part of the band's sound itself.

Breaking the mold and rebelling against standards is at the core of the rock 'n' roll mission statement and these 10 bands, for better or worse, did just that. Some of the instruments in this gallery are familiar, like the bagpipes, but some, like the hurdy-gurdy might require a bit of research. Music can be found in the least traditional places like the silverware drawer or toolshed, so that really opens up the possibilities here to just about anything.

Take a look at 10 Strange Instruments Used by Rock + Metal Bands in the gallery above!

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