After crossover thrash icons Suicidal Tendencies released World Gone Mad in 2016, frontman Mike Muir had expressed the feeling that it was potentially the group's last album. Well, there's some good news and some great news for all you Cyco Punk fans as the band is set to release a new EP, Get Your Fight On, on March 9 and a fresh full length in the summer. From the sound of it, they've got "Nothing to Lose"... oh wait, that's the name of their new song.

It's been 35 years since Suicidal Tendencies debuted with their self-titled album and their winning formula remains untainted after all these years. "Nothing to Lose" seethes with an "up and at 'em" energy and a playful arrangement lined with short solo bursts and fluctuating tempos that drive the sliding, thrashy rhythms.

"Originally we were gonna put an EP out before World Gone Mad, but a number of cool things happened, starting with getting Dave Lombardo in the band, and so plans changed," the band said of the upcoming release. It's the perfect bridge between albums as the title track was featured on World Gone Mad and "Nothing to Lose" will appear on the next studio effort, Still Cyco Punk After All These Years, which is expected to arrive in July.

Pre-orders for Get Your Fight On can be placed through Amazon and iTunes and you can view the artwork and track listing for the EP below.

Get Your Fight On! Artwork + Track Listing

Suicidal Records
Suicidal Records

01. "Nothing To Lose"
02. "Get United" (featuring bassist Steve Bruner)
03. "iAuthority" (featuring bassist Steve Bruner and guitarist Tim Stewart)
04. "Ain't Mess'n Around" (featuring drummer Phil Greenwood)
05. "S.E.D."
06. "I Got A Right" (Iggy Pop cover)
07. "Get Your Right On!" (acoustic version featuring Travis Barker on drums)
08. "Get Your Bass On!" (bass instrumental)
09. "Get Your Shred On!" (guitar instrumental)
10. "Get Your Fight On!" (LP version)

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