One of the biggest responses of the Alternative Press Music Awards came during Sum 41's appearance, when former guitarist Dave "Brownsound" Baksh joined his onetime band onstage (watch above). But as it turns out, this was not just a "special moment" for an Awards Show. Baksh is back in the band.

The guitarist confirmed as much via his Instagram account, posting a fan-shot photo of the event featuring himself playing with Sum 41. In the posting, he wrote, "Yes yes y'all I'm back. Sum 41! Thanks to all of the crew, band and fans for making me feel so welcome." Check out his posting below.

During their heyday, Sum 41 featured Deryck Whibley on vocals, Cone McCaslin on bass, Steve Jocz on drums and Baksh on guitar. However, the guitarist was the first member of the group to exit back in 2006, focusing his time on his more metal-based band Brown Brigade. Tom Thacker handled lead guitar parts during the band's touring in the years since. While McCaslin and Whibley have remained, drummer Steve Jocz left the band in 2013, replaced by Frank Zummo.

Sum 41 have been relatively quiet since 2011's Screaming Bloody Murder album, but the band is planning a musical return. After lapsing into a coma in 2014 due to his liver and kidneys collapsing, Whibley has embraced sobriety and started to play around with new music last year. The group recently announced a PledgeMusic pre-sale for their upcoming disc, giving fans a chance to receive some pretty cool incentives and album updates as they continue the recording process. Check out the site here.

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