Scientists love metal. This isn't some sort of theory that we've hypothesized; we've got undeniable proof supporting this statement, and the proof is 420 million years old.

The people at seem to have a dedicated reader in Dr. Mats E. Eriksson, Associate Professor of Paleontology at the Department of Geology at Sweden's Lund University. In 2006, Eriksson named a species of extinct, marine polychaete annelid worm after Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister. With the Motorhead frontman and 'Kalloprion Kilmisteri' now immortalized in the records of science, a new fossil has been discovered by Dr. Eriksson, which he has now named after King Diamond.

"A circa 420 million year old fossil organism was recently discovered from Silurian rocks of Sweden and Estonia," begins Dr. Eriksson. "It is the remains of a marine worm with jaws. The critter was baptized 'Kingnites diamondi' in honour of Danish metal maestro King Diamond. So, in addition to his obvious place in the history of heavy metal music, Diamond now also has left an eternal imprint in science. Father of this fossil is Mats Eriksson, a metal-loving professor of paleontology from Sweden."

We raise our horns to the honorable Dr. Eriksson, who is discovering new species' and destroying negative metal stereotypes from the musically rich land of Sweden.

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