System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan has worked with various artists since the band's hiatus in 2006. Along with contributing to the solo career of System frontman Serj Tankian, Dolmayan has been the drummer for the Daron Malakian side project Scars on Broadway. However, in a recent interview, Dolmayan revealed that he is no longer a member of Scars on Broadway, despite the band currently working on a new album.

The self-titled debut Scars on Broadway album was met with a mostly positive reception, with Daron Malakian brandishing his bizarre style with more prominence than most of his work with System of a Down. Despite the creative success of Scars on Broadway, Dolmayan has chosen to bow out of the group.

During an interview with, Dolmayan spoke about his departure, along with the current state of Scars of Broadway. "I’m no longer involved with Scars on Broadway," begins Dolmayan. "But Daron is, and is in the process of making, recording and releasing an album. So, you will definitely hear some Scars on Broadway within the next four or five months. . . And it’s a good album, by the way."

System of a Down have been sporadically touring since the summer of 2011, after announcing their reunion in late 2010. Check out our review of System of a Down's performance at the 2012 Heavy MTL Festival by clicking below, and stay tuned for more news on the upcoming Scars on Broadway album.

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