It's been 25 years since the collaborative talents of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden's members united as one in Temple of the Dog to create music saluting Andrew Wood, the talented lead singer of Mother Love Bone who died of an overdose. And the band's lone release, a self-titled effort, is getting a special 25th anniversary this year after A&M Records were able to reclaim the master tapes in 2015. As expected, there will be some extras that didn't come with the initial album and one of those bonus pieces is an early demo of the song "Black Cat."

As you can hear in the player above, the song is highly percussive with the sounds of what appears to be clanking bottles rubbing up against some fuzzed out, bluesy guitar. Meanwhile, Chris Cornell's powerful yet soulful voice belts out lyrics about returning home after a rough period to find his "black cat gone, gone for long." "Black Cat" did not make the cut for their 1991 album release, but the demo was rediscovered while the reissue was being put together.

As stated, A&M did have to reclaim the masters before the reissue was possible. The tapes had remained with producer Rick Parashar for many years, but when the producer passed away in 2014, his brother and London Bridge Studios founder Rajan Parashar took possession of the tapes. The label took legal action against Parashar and eventually won out. As a result, fans will now get a special 25th anniversary edition of the self-titled Temple of the Dog album with all of the extras. And the band is reuniting to do a string of dates this fall.

The Temple of the Dog tour will spool out during the month of November, with stops in Philadelphia (Nov. 4 & 5, Tower Theater), New York (Nov. 7, Madison Square Garden), San Francisco (Nov. 11 & 12, Bill Graham Civic Center), Los Angeles (Nov. 14, The Forum) and Seattle (Nov. 20 & 21, Paramount Theater). As for the Temple of the Dog reissue, look for that arriving in a variety of formats on Sept. 30

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