In a showing of solidarity for the support of incarcerated Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe, American hardcore band Terror have cancelled their upcoming Czech Republic gig. Randy Blythe has been in Czech prison for over a month on questionable manslaughter charges after the death of a fan, who fell into a coma shortly after sustaining a head injury at a 2010 Lamb of God show.

In perhaps a reaction to the lack of both progress in Blythe's case and overall attention the American media has given the incident, Terror decided to make some waves by canceling the Czech date of their 2012 European tour. The band released an official statement addressing the subject, explaining their belief of why the cancelation was the proper way to show support for Blythe.

TERROR is going to cancel their show in the Czech Republic this month. We feel obligated to stand up for Randy Blythe. This situation seems to be taken too lightly. Randy comes from punk and hardcore roots, just like TERROR. He still supports underground music and has always supported TERROR – even singing on stage alongside us when we play Richmond. This hits really close to home for us having members of the band and our crew from the hometown of LAMB OF GOD.

We love our Czech fans very much and have amazing shows there, but we need to ‘stick tight’ to our friend Randy, which is why we have chosen to cancel the show. As a band that could easily be in this same position at any given show, we don’t think we can play there and act like this is OK – it isn’t.

This is bigger than a hashtag or a clever t-shirt – we as a community need to take action and speak up. Free Randy Blythe.

Terror's actions are certainly powerful and have possibly shed a little more light on Randy Blythe's situation, but who is the band really punishing with this decision? It seems that Terror strive to take support of Blythe to a new level, but the argument can easily be made that the only people directly affected by Terror's decision are their own fans.

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