Singer Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson of Buckcherry joined ex-Queen and Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers as the featured guests on last night's (Jan. 7) episode of 'That Metal Show.' The guest guitarist was John 5, who currently shreds alongside Rob Zombie.

Buckcherry's rise, fall and rise career trajectory was a hot topic. It was interesting to see how the band blew up with the first album and then fell apart before rising again, courtesy of 'Crazy B----.' Todd said that when the band went away for a bit after achieving early success, he had reached out to Nelson as a friend and the topic of exhuming Buckcherry came up from there. Eventually armed with a new album called '15,' the band had a difficult time finding an attorney and shopping a finished record to labels, which is ironic, since the album went on to become a massive hit courtesy of the stripper-friendly, aforementioned anthem. The industry may have told Buckcherry that it wasn't interested, but Buckcherry didn't listen...thankfully!

"We loved what we were doing," Nelson said. "We had five guys who bought into the band and everything that was going on." The duo talked about living on the road and doing hundreds of shows in support of their albums. Todd revealed he has somewhat of a "road mode" switch where he shuts off his emotions, since he misses his family while away and touring.

Todd and Nelson revealed that Buckcherry are currently writing for the next record and hope to release it in the summer.

For Rodgers' segment, which came first, the hosts pointed out that Rodgers' voice is still in tip-top shape even at his age. He admitted, "In the early days, I did all the things you shouldn't do, smoking and drinking." He realized at one point, that in order to continue to have his voice be his money maker, he needed to quit the hedonistic behavior and get healthy. So that's what he did.

Rodgers, who looks a bit like American badass Chuck Norris, also spoke about Bad Company being signed to Led Zeppelin's label while in Bad Company, which added pressure. "We had to deliver," he said. "Fortunately, we seemed to have done that. The music stood the test."