The Black Dahlia Murder's sixth studio album, 'Everblack,' is only two weeks away from its official release date! The Michigan metallers have already unleashed the track 'Into the Everblack' for the consumption of their rabid fans, and we're proud to exclusively present 'Goat of Departure,' the newest song made available from the Black Dahlia Murder's upcoming disc.

Dahlia fans have been eating up 'Into the Everblack' since it was released last month, and we're certain that 'Goat of Departure' will continue the excitement building around the new Black Dahlia Murder record. The brand new track pays tribute to the goat's role in metal music, along with the 'horns' fans raise to praise their metal heroes. Strnad explains, "This song is about how the goat came to represent Christian evil and the origins of the infamous 'horns' metal hand sign."

'Goat of Departure' delves deep into the evil topic with lyrics such as, "Goat of departure on his back rides their shame / Antithesis of their ivory christian chains / Fearful thee ovis their weakened hearts and minds / We are the satyrs of hedonistic kind / Less travelled is our path laid darkly to the left / Footprint of Mendes emblazoning our armored breast / Great bearded Capra who towers oe’er the land / A tribute to your magnificence the feared sign of the horns shows on our hands."

Get your Black Dahlia Murder fix and check out the new track 'Goat of Departure' below! Be sure to check out the band on his year's Warped Tour and to pre-order 'Everblack,' click here.

The Black Dahlia Murder, 'Goat of Departure'