What do you get when you put Akron's hippest indie blues rock duo together with the director of 'Trash Humpers'? The Black Keys and Harmony Korine are glad you asked, because they've just debuted the new, Korine-directed clip for the Keys' latest single, 'Gold on the Ceiling.'

This is actually the second video the band has released for 'Ceiling' -- they sent a far more straightforward version to MTV back in February -- but if you know anything about Korine's trademark lo-fi aesthetic, which emphasizes harsh lighting and scuzzy VHS effects, you know he's a natural fit for the Black Keys vibe.

Korine certainly seems to be in his element with the 'Gold on the Ceiling' video, a wobbly horror show of seemingly unrelated images that finds the band dressed up in footie pajamas while they stare dead-faced at the camera and do stuff like hang out on a dark porch with rifles. A fire extinguisher, an old exercise bike, discarded mattresses, and balloons are also involved. Probably not quite what you were thinking when you listened to the song, but hey -- that's part of the magic of the music video, right?

The new 'Gold on the Ceiling' clip is part of a rash of promotional activity for the Black Keys' latest record, 'El Camino' -- lately, you've been able to see them doing everything from kidnapping Anthony Bourdain to performing at the MTV Movie Awards. All that hard work seems to be paying off: 'El Camino' has peaked at Number Two on the Billboard album charts, and leadoff single 'Lonely Boy' was a Number One rock hit.

The Black Keys, 'Gold on the Ceiling'