The Bloodline are ready to rock you with their brand new video for "Poisonous," which is debuting exclusively here at Loudwire (watch above).

Formed out of the ashes of Dirge Within, The Bloodline features Divine Heresy vocalist Travis Neal, former SOiL guitarist Shaun Glass, drummer Frankie Harchut and guitarist Chuck Wepfer. The group recently completed their We Are One album, which arrives in stores May 4. You can pick it up via iTunes at this location.

As seen in the clip, the band is going about a traditional video shoot with a group of lovely ladies standing by for their time in the spotlight, but one of the ladies has a more nefarious plan for Neal that plays out during a break.

Neal tells Loudwire of the Davo-directed clip, "Our video for the track Poisonous depicts a scenario of a relentless jealous woman that will destroy anything that doesn’t work in her favor. In our case it was the fact that we did not pick her to be in the video from a panel of a total of five women which in this case all were picked but her. She then takes the frustration out on us one by one to show that she will not except defeat and will repay the act of failure tenfold. In a sense she makes her way through our video like a plague, consuming and destroying everything in her path."

As for the track itself, the vocalist adds, "The track Poisonous is basically about someone that is poisonous in nature. A person that is like a parasite, that consumes all that they can before they abandon what’s left of the victim. In the lyrical sense, it’s referenced as a woman but in reality this can be anyone -- someone that preys upon one’s emotions, feelings, finances or anything that would slowly cripple and destroy one’s confidence, self-pride and total being. I know that everybody that is reading this has met a person like that and can relate to these lyrics in one way or another."

As stated, "Poisonous" appears on the new We Are One album. Guitarist Shaun Glass says of the new collection, "To say We Are One is my favorite album I've ever been a part of making is a understatement. Every song offers the listener a great snap shot of what we are as a band. From the most melodic songs to the balls out heavy stuff it's a journey that we hope you’re addicted too."

Look for The Bloodline's We Are One on May 4 through Another Century Records and catch the band in concert as part of the upcoming Civil Unrest Tour with Ill Nino and Kittie. Dates can be found here.