The wait is almost over! The Dillinger Escape Plan will release their sixth full-length album, Dissociation, this October!

It’s been over three years since Dillinger beat us senseless with 2013’s One of Us Is the Killer, so we’ve been thirsty for some more technical chaos from the experimental hardcore band. Through Party Smasher Inc. and Cooking Vinyl, Dissociation will see an official release on Oct. 14 according to an ad in the latest issue of Revolver.

Dillinger Escape Plan members have recently tried to pinpoint the sound of this new album, placing it somewhere between the sonic space of Calculating Infinity and Irony Is a Dead Scene. However, guitarist Ben Weinman expanded on his perception of Dissociation during his recent visit to our studio.

“I’m never objective enough to actually say anything about the music, especially at this part of the process because I’m too close to it,” Weinman said. “It’s like asking someone if they’re crazy. If they’re crazy, they’re gonna say they’re not crazy. I will say, though, that there’s elements of the process that remind me of the Calculating Infinity time. This record, we had our hands on every single thing. There’s also something different about the sound of it. It doesn’t sound like anything in our catalogue production-wise. Calculating didn’t sound like any record I had ever heard, it sounded cold and weird. In that respect, it’s kind of a bookend to Calculating.”

The Dillinger Escape Plan also posted a teaser for Dissociation earlier today (July 29) and it certainly sounds bizarre. Check it out in the player above.

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