Dillinger Escape Plan fanatics in Seattle were given the rarest of surprises when original vocalist Dimitri Minakakis joined the band onstage. Dimitri told hold of the mic to scream his way through “The Mullet Burden” and “43% Burnt.”

Though current vocalist Greg Puciato has proven himself as a phenomenal frontman during his 15 years with The Dillinger Escape Plan, Minakakis is still widely celebrated for his contributions on Dillinger’s self-titled EP, their Under the Running Board EP and the band’s game-changing masterwork, Calculating Infinity.

Dimitri parted ways with Dillinger back in 2001, but the members remain friendly with Minakakis to this day. With DEP on their final tour, there’s no better time to celebrate the work of Minakakis. As always, Dillinger’s rabid fans showed their deep appreciation and gave Dimitri all their energy during his short time onstage.

Dimitri first came up during Dillinger’s encore to verbally assault “The Mullet Burden”:

Puciato reclaimed his mic for “Sunshine the Werewolf,” but shared vocal duties with Minakakis once Dillinger transitioned into the fan-favorite “43% Burnt" (see above).

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