With news that the band will call it a day once touring for their upcoming album ends, emotions ran high for fans who attended The Dillinger Escape Plan’s very intimate show at Rough Trade in Brooklyn on Monday night (Aug. 8).

The madness began with “Prancer,” their new song “Limerent Death” and “Milk Lizard” as band members and fans dived off stage, crowd-surfed and dripped sweat from beginning to end. Whether frontman Greg Puciato and guitarist Ben Weinman were jumping off of speakers or bassist Liam Wilson was smoking a blunt that was handed to him by a fan, experiencing Dillinger live is more than a sensory overload

With a “Room Full of Eyes” all on the band, they also cranked out songs like ”Happiness Is a Smile,” “Crossburner” and “Nothing’s Funny,” while Puciato introduced “Farewell, Mona Lisa” as “Farewell Dillinger.” As exciting, stimulating and chaotic as the concert was, it was also bittersweet. Even though the group still has some time before disbanding, which will come after the release and touring cycle of their forthcoming release Dissociation, there was an elevated eagerness and hunger within fans to relish in as they can as long as the band is touring.

The night ended with “Sunshine the Werewolf” and half of the people on the floor went onstage to sing out loud. Within minutes, dozens of people spilled onto the stage with the band and Weinman even went crowdsurfing on them.  Throughout the night, Puciato said, “Don’t be sad” to fans and while we know that most of the members have different projects that they’re involved in, it is sad. It’s sad to see such a talented and forceful band call it quits after 20 years of making music. One Dillinger Escape Plan show has more excitement than that a full year of touring for most artists, so see them while you have the chance!

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