The Dillinger Escape Plan are enjoying their final album cycle after announcing Dissociation would be their last album and that they'd be splitting up following their last tour together. Their already historic live performances have only continued to get even wilder on their current run and things took a quirky turn when frontman Greg Puciato was hungry for more than just a good show.

As Dillinger fans know by now, seeing Puciato in the balcony of the venue, or really anywhere other than the stage, is commonplace. As seen in the video below from the band's Instagram page, he was preparing to launch himself into the crowd, climbing into a balcony filled with fans and, yes, food. Surprised, the singer exclaimed, "You guys have f--king food up here?" when he reached the summit. Perhaps the tour rider left Puciato unsatisfied as he used this opportunity to scarf down part of a hamburger before leaping into the waiting arms of fans ready to crowdsurf him back to the stage.

It's been a highlight-reel worthy U.S. tour so far with prior sensations including Dillinger's New York City performance that saw Puciato perform a daring balcony leap as well as a significant portion of the crowd making their way onstage for the final song of the night. The group was also rejoined by original vocalist Dimitri Minakakis in Seattle, Wash. last week (Oct. 25).

The Dillinger Escape Plan will wrap up their U.S. tour on Nov. 19 in Hartford, Conn. For a full list of remaining stops, head to our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours and to purchase Dissociation, visit Amazon or iTunes.

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