Sadly, The Ghost Inside have announced they’ll be unable to perform at this year’s Warped Tour. In a video statement from vocalist Jonathan Vigil, he explains the band is not ready to return to the road.

The Ghost Inside’s bus crash in November 2015 left various members with extremely serious injuries. Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk lost a leg, guitarist Zach Johnson lost two toes and Vigil suffered two broken ankles with ongoing bone infections. The band’s bus driver and the driver of the tractor trailer they collided with both died in the crash.

Back in March 2016, Warped Tour offered The Ghost Inside a spot on the 2017 run of dates. Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman shared, “When that accident happened, I said, ‘I will hold this spot until the day before Warped Tour started.’ I said, ‘It’s your spot.’ I’ve never announced a band for a tour a year and a half ahead. Ghost Inside will be on the 2017 Warped Tour.”

It was one of many heartfelt gestures extended to The Ghost Inside and the band planned to accept Lyman’s offer if they were physically able to play. Unfortunately, it seems like The Ghost Inside will need more healing time before performing live again.

"A lot of people, including ourselves, thought we were going to be a lot further along than we are currently, and unfortunately, we're not going to be able to play this summer,” says Vigil. After thanking fans and loved ones for their continued support, calling it the band’s driving force to get back on the road, Vigil stated, “We don’t have a timeline for when we’re gonna be back to playing shows again, but we all think about it every single day and we all miss it and we all want to get back to it just as much as you guys want to see us play again.”

We'd like to wish The Ghost Inside all the best in their respective recoveries and we hope to see them back onstage soon.

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