2019 is turning into a big year for The Ghost Inside. The band began working on new music back in January, played their first show since 2015's bus crash and now they've welcomed some peers into the studio as they work toward a new album.

A new tweet shows the group working with A Day to Remember's Jeremy McKinnon and Fit for an Autopsy's Will Putney. While both artists are also tagged in the update, along with the band's label, it does not reveal in what capacity the two musicians are assisting. Both McKinnon and Putney have production backgrounds along with playing in their respective bands.

The 2015 incident resulted in fatalities for the respective drivers, while members of the band have been through multiple surgeries over the last four years while recovering from their assorted injuries.

"It would be unacceptable to me to let this beat us...We want to end our band on our own terms, not because of some tragedy," drummer Andrew Tkaczyk stated earlier this year, while bassist Jim Riley added, “I want the accident to be a defining moment, but I don’t want it to be the thing that defines us...If we can convince people that they can overcome whatever’s going on with them, we are obligated by the universe to do that."

The group's fifth studio album will be released by Epitaph Records, but no official timeline has been announced as of yet.

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