Simply put, the crash site involving the members of The Ghost Inside while on tour in November 2015 was one of the most horrific we've seen. Almost a year and a half later, there are members of the band that are still in the recovery process from the extensive injuries they suffered. In a new update, rhythm guitarist Zach Johnson reveals that he's set to undergo his twelfth surgery.

In a new posting on his Instagram account, Johnson, who already lost two toes from the crash, explains that he's about to undergo surgery on his femur after a previous surgery last September didn't pan out as planned. The surgery will be a major one, but the guitarist is optimistic that it will be one that will finally put him on the path to recovery.

His comments on the matter can be viewed below:

So I'm sure some of you know my femur hasn't healed. I had a small surgery in September, and since then it's hurt like f--king hell. Our plan of action didn't work.

April 13th I'll be going in for my twelfth surgery (a major one). They'll take all the hardware out of my right leg, take bone from my right tibia, and fuse it where the break is. Then put a metal plate over it, put a new metal rod running the length of my femur, and 2 screws in my knee, and 2 in my hip. I'm honestly not that stressed about the actual surgery, I've had so many it just seems normal to me now. What DOES suck is I'll be taking huge steps backwards in recovery, and will be off my feet for a few months. But I just want to get it done, and in the past. From there I can finally make permanent progress.

I can't thank you all enough for being in my corner throughout this fight. It means the world to me! #TGIforever

During a live stream of the Vans Warped Tour announcement in 2016, it was revealed that The Ghost Inside would be part of the 2017 if they were available to play. However, the band members are still healing and will not be able to take part in this year's run. Even though they are out of the 2017 Warped Tour, a spot is being held for them until they are well enough to play.

Loudwire sends our best to the members of The Ghost Inside, with our wishes that they'll eventually be healthy enough to return to the stage.

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