Mongolian folk rock phenoms The HU recently stopped by Loudwire Studios for a unique episode of Gear Factor. After performing a rendition of “Yuve Yuve Yu,” all four members played some of their favorite riffs on their traditional instruments.

“Since democracy surged in the ‘90s, many genres of music such as rock, pop, metal and hip-hop were created and emerged in the Mongolian music scene,” explains band leader Gala. “We listened to the different genres and also Mongolian traditional and classical music due to our professional careers and backgrounds.

The band also speaks about taking influence from modern metal bands like Metallica and Lamb of God.

Temka plays a portion of “Wolf Totem” on his traditional tovshuur, before Gala rocks his fiddle solo from “Yuve Yuve Yu.” Jaya takes us through his tsuur flute part from “Shireg Shireg” while Enkush picks up his fiddle for a piece of “Black Thunder.”

“In 2016, we decided to work together on this and started working on our first songs. Because we were looking for something new and unique, we experimented with many different sounds and recordings," Gala concludes.

Check out this episode of Gear Factor with The HU above and to grab a copy of their debut full-length, The Gereg, click here.

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