The Pretty Reckless are taking things to the crossroads. The band has just released a new single called "Take Me Down" from their forthcoming third studio album.

The track opens with a killer Bo Diddley beat, as frontwoman Taylor Momsen speaks of her dedication to music, explaining at one point, "I spend all night and dayHow much harder can I play? / You know I gave my life to rock and roll?" The track references "the crossroads" at one point, the place in the Mississippi Delta often believed to have been the meeting place where musicians sold their soul to the devil in return for fame, fortune and greatness.

"Take Me Down" features a bit of rasp and a soulful delivery from Momsen, while guitarist Ben Phillips gets a solid mid-song riffing showcase that raises the track to a new level. Add in some backing organ playing and you've got a blistering new song from the band. Finishing out the crossroads references, you get Momsen belting "Sign with the devil" repeatedly, which is then backed up by a choir of backing singers.

This is the first new music we've received from The Pretty Reckless since their Going to Hell album commanded the charts back in 2014. At present, official details on their next album have not been confirmed, though the group does expect it to arrive this fall. Check out The Pretty Reckless' "Take Me Down" via iHeart Radio in the player below.

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