The Pretty Reckless are having one huge year thanks to their 'Going to Hell' album. And while the disc stands on its own musically, it doesn't hurt that frontwoman Taylor Momsen is baring her backside on the album's cover. In fact, Momsen recently spoke with Rolling Stone about posing nude for the cover and where the inspiration came from.

Momsen said of the decision, "We're all naked when we're born. If you find it shocking, that's your own perception." She went on to add that some of the artists who have posed nude over time probably didn't think it was shocking either. She points out, "I don't think John Lennon was trying to shock people when he was naked on 'Two Virgins.' He was just trying to be as honest and raw as he could and that's what my intent is with nudity."

Momsen's bare back and behind aren't the only things drawing the eye either, as the blackened cross-meets-arrow symbol that the band has been using is emblazoned as a giant back tattoo. She explains, "That came from Pink Floyd. You know that photograph of the women sitting by the pool nude with all the record covers painted on their backs? That's one of my favorite posters, so I stole the idea."

The rest of Momsen's interview can be found in the new issue of Rolling Stone.